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Standard Radiation Therapy


Standard radiation therapy is an effective method of treating cancer that has been used successfully for many years. It involves the exposure of cancer cells to measured doses of radiation through a variety of methods.

Radiation can be delivered to the cancerous cells via a machine outside the body or by a radioactive material placed inside the body. A physician decides how the radiation should be delivered to the body after careful consideration of all the associated parameters and conditions. Depending on the therapy the physician decides is necessary, multiple sessions of therapy can be required to fully treat the cancer. Standard radiation therapy can take anywhere from 20 to 40 sessions.

The way that this treatment kills cancer cells involves the ability of radiation to manipulate and prevent cancer cells from being able to reproduce and spread. Thus, killing the cancer cells and allowing the body’s natural processes to remove the damaged cells.

It is important to note that with standard radiation therapy, while designed to target cancer cells, there lies the risk of damaging the surrounding healthy cells by exposing them radiation. This is taken into account by the physician who plans the radiation therapy so that the amount of damage to the healthy cells is controlled as much as possible and does not become a danger to the patient receiving the treatment. However, this exposure can affect patients differently depending on the location of the cancer. Some patients can become quite ill temporarily as a result.

Standard radiation therapy is usually accompanied by other forms of cancer treatment to ensure the best chance of eliminating the targeted cancer. These other forms might include surgery, chemotherapy, or other methods prescribed by the physician.

Why We Are Different

the cyberknife system -- robotic radiosurgery

The CyberKnife System offers precise radiation therapy that targets cancerous cells with pinpoint accuracy due to the system’s robotic technology, allowing the system to track the body’s natural movements during treatment. For example, when treating lung cancer, CyberKnife adjusts to the tumor’s subtle movements due to breathing and other involuntary bodily functions during treatment, allowing for accurate treatment of the cancer. We do this by using a unique combination of real-time imaging and intelligent tumor tracking.

Because CyberKnife is so precise, it minimizes the damage to surrounding tissues and focuses the radiation on the targeted cancer cells. Patients will experience minimal side effects and illness, unlike side effects from more traditional radiation treatments.

Another benefit of using the CyberKnife System is its shortened treatment. Standard radiation treatment can take 20 to 40 different sessions; CyberKnife is significantly shorter. A typical treatment course is completed within five days. While CyberKnife is the most advanced form of radiotherapy, it may not be the best treatment option for your unique condition.

If you are looking for cancer treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada, you cannot find a more accurate or less invasive method in the area. We will work with you and the challenges present in your treatment. Contact us or visit our website to find out more about how we can help you.

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