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Head & Neck Cancer Radiation Therapy, Las Vegas

The Las Vegas CyberKnife Center offers non-invasive radiation therapy treatments for head and neck cancer in Las Vegas.   With our state-of-the-art CyberKnife System, we can treat head and neck tumors with pinpoint accuracy in just one to five treatments.

Unlike conventional radiation therapy, our CyberKnife System leverages advanced robotics to precisely target tumors with high doses of radiation, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue and minimizing side effects.

Because of its accuracy, our CyberKnife System can even be used to treat inoperable or surgically complex tumors, patients who have a high risk for post-operative complications, and even those who have received conventional radiation treatments in the past.


CyberKnife Treatment for Head & Neck Cancer

The treatment of head and neck cancer typically involves a detailed evaluation and a multidisciplinary team of professionals to formulate effective treatment. Radiation therapy can often be combined with surgery and chemotherapy, depending on the type, location and stage of the cancer.

Our CyberKnife System improves on other radiation therapy techniques with its extreme precision, which eliminates the need for painful and invasive stereotactic head frames to be attached to a patient’s head with screws or bolts. Instead, our patients are custom-fitted with soft mesh masks to help position and stabilize the head during treatment.

During treatment, a patient will lay on the treatment table, wearing the mask, and our CyberKnife System will leverage its unique robotic design to treat head and neck tumors from virtually any angle. With sophisticated software and imaging capabilities, the CyberKnife System can pinpoint a tumor’s exact location in real time to ensure that the high dose of radiation are delivered directly to the tumor with sub-millimeter accuracy, sparing healthy surrounding tissue.

Head and neck cancer patients require only one to five short, pain-free treatment sessions, delivered on an outpatient basis.  The precision of the treatment minimizes side effects, which typically allows patients to continue their normal daily routine during treatment.


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