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CyberKnife Treatment for Liver Cancer

The Las Vegas CyberKnife Center offers a non-invasive, clinically proven alternative to surgery for treatment of liver cancer. Using our CyberKnife System to precisely deliver a high dose of radiation to tumors, our doctors can effectively treat liver cancer on an outpatient basis, with minimal side effects and no recovery time.

The liver lies in the upper right quadrant of your abdominal cavity, resting against your bowel and lungs. Your bowel and lungs are constantly in motion, causing liver tumors to move as much as two inches with every breath. This movement makes it challenging to treat liver cancer with conventional forms of radiation therapy. To compensate, these standard systems work to overcome this movement relying on painful compression devices designed to keep your body still and complex gating techniques that require you to hold your breath repeatedly. In addition, these systems must treat larger areas around the tumor at lower doses over weeks of treatment, which results in increased side effects.

The CyberKnife System combines advanced, real-time image guidance; tumor-tracking software; and sophisticated robotics to synchronize extremely precise radiation delivery with tumor motion – resulting in effective high dose radiation treatments that are proving effective for liver tumors, which were was once thought to be radiation resistant tissue. CyberKnife treatments are delivered in one to five treatments within a week, whereas conventional radiation therapy treatments can be up to 35 treatments over seven weeks with increased side effects, and much more of a time commitment for patients.

CyberKnife Benefits for Treating Liver Cancer

  • Pinpoint accuracy –The CyberKnife System can deliver radiation with sub-millimeter precision, sparring damage to healthy surrounding organs, tissues and structures.
  • Innovative real-time imaging and motion-tracking technology ensure that radiation is delivered directly to the tumor.
  • Minimized side effects, results in a better quality of life even on days of treatment.
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive, which means patients suffer no pain, nor do they worry about incisions, bleeding or an extended recovery time.
  • Outpatient treatments – No anesthesia or hospital stay, which lowers risks for complications.
  • Only 1 to 5 short treatments, completed in less than 1 week, compared to conventional radiation treatments that can take 3 to 6 weeks to complete.

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