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CyberKnife Overcomes the Disadvantages of Other Radiation Therapies

The CyberKnife System is the most advanced technology for treating spinal tumors.  The CyberKnife System is clinically proven to reduce side effects and enables completion of treatment in five sessions or less.

Other radiation treatments are unable to track and automatically correct for tumor movement and instead treat the tumor and the entire surrounding areas, potentially damaging healthy tissues around the tumor — leading to more side effects. They CyberKnife is the only treatment that can track the movement of the tumor in real time and ensure that radiation is delivered accurately.

This precision allows the CyberKnife to deliver a higher dose of radiation and effectively treat the tumor in one to five sessions, unlike conventional radiotherapy that can take five to eight weeks. And by minimizing side effects, patients can typically continue their normal daily routine during treatment.

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